Cadbury Twisted Creme Egg Bar

Keep in mind that prior to eating this, I had never had an actual Cadbury Creme Egg- just the Russell Stover knockoffs.


This bar- if this is any representation of what the egg is like- is incredible, and makes me extremely jealous, because Europe has such better chocolate than we.

I opened the bar and smelled rich, rich chocolate. Upon biting into it, I was treated to two clear layers of the infamous Cadbury egg- the yolk and white. The fondant wasn't hard, and completely consistent in texture. It was just delicious, smooth, and sugary.

The chocolate is the reason why Europe will always be better. It's smooth, rich, consistent, and doesn't burn with sugar in your mouth. This bar is a winner. My only criticism is that in my first bite, there was a concentration of yolk, giving me a slightly bitter taste from the food dye. Perhaps this is different with all bars.

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