Entenmann's Blueberry Little Bites

My sister had these, so I decided to try a pack. Little Bites has this industrial strength, thick, white packaging normally reserved for classified documents and condoms. I'm not sure why they do this. It can't be to keep the muffins from crushing, because they're already flattened when they come out. So what is it? Sun protection?

The muffins are small, and there are only four of them. It looks like there are real blueberries in them, which is a plus. They look like little purple toadstools to me. Eating them is an interesting experience. These muffins are so oily that you can swallow them whole. I tried to eat them bite by bite, but no dice. They still slid down my throat like luge athletes.

I'm not a fan of these. Their motto, "I just want a little bite!" reminds me of those little assholes in elementary school who would always try and mooch off your lunch. That pisses me off. I was that mooch. To me, the plea of these muffins mocks me.

And homey don't like being mocked.

2/10- CRAP

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