Monster Energy Drink

Monster energy drink, my friend always said, tastes like robot piss.

Okay, so she wasn't too far off the mark, but I'd never tried a Monster. First sip, it's lightly carbonated, with big bubbles, and it has that lovely, fruity, chemical taste to it. I'm being sarcastic, of course, but it gets better.

The color is different than what I expected. It's not bright green, but a light pinkish color, which is nice, and the taste gets a little better as you sip. It's a fruity flavor, pretty fake, but it kept me awake.

I wish it was a different flavor, because that Windex-y taste seems to be the quintessential taste of energy drinks, and I feel like I'm gulping down medicine rather than a beverage.

3/10- LAME

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