Walker's BBQ Rib Crisps

Image Copyright British Grocery- I'll add my own photos later, I need new batteries in my camera!

I received my order from BritGrocery yesterday, and I'm so excited!

I'm reviewing the Walker's BBQ Rib today. I love reviewing unusual flavors of chips, so I was extremely excited to get these in for you guys!

First upon opening the bag, there's not much aroma, but a predominant smell of spices wafts up.

Upon biting into one of these, the first thing you notice is the texture. Because I'm American, I'm used to our soft, slightly greasy chips, but these are, if anything, very much like our Baked! line of chips here. They are very, very crisp, make a lovely crunch in your mouth, and don't leave behind much grease at all.

The taste is good, but I have to preface this by telling you that is it NOT BBQ RIB. It's curry, completely, and on a more complex note, tastes exactly like Chicken Tikka Masala from my local Indian place. It left a slightly buttery aftertaste in my mouth, like Tikka Masala often does. Works for the meal, not for the chips.

These are good, but deceptive. I was expecting a more smoke-based flavor, maybe some barbecue sauce and a little bit more meat flavor that British crisps are so famous for, but this is decent. I wish they'd just been called Tikka Masala, though.

4/10- OKAY

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