Wendy's French Fries

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I got these fries with my chicken.

They came in their trademark container. I was surprised to find that they were a little dry. They were very tasty- with that slightly soft characteristic of Wendy's fries, but were just not hot enough. They tasted like they'd been waiting, which is very strange, being that it was 10:30 in the morning and they would have just opened.

Something about Wendy's salt, though, I don't even know what, is just delicious. Something strange, because it's just regular table salt, but it makes those fries good.

Overall, they're not bad fries. They're NOT Lenny and Joe's, which I'll have to review soon, but they're not bad for their quality and price. Just wish there weren't so many potato spears as fries...

5/10- NOT BAD

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