Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Creme Newman-O's

Another winner! This time, in the case of the creme and other creme-based flavors, the creme was much fluffier than other cremes, really puffing up the cookie to a Double-Stuff size. It was lovely.

The same marshmallow taste was back, but it's not strange at all. It gave a really nice texture to it. I had been worried that, like the plains, the creme would have softened the cookies, but these were crunchy, crispy chocolate disks, like its predecessors. The creme was just delightful. Soft, gooey, and sometimes, so soft, the cookie would slide off as I took a bite. No matter. More creme for the next cookie.

What really amazes me is that all this stuff is organic. I keep forgetting it, but when you come down to it, that's a really incredible feat and process. Preservatives are used in making things soft, and I can't even see a trace of high-fructose corn syrup. Newman's Own Organics has done it again, folks.


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