Newman's Own Organics Hi-Protein Pretzels

These were very tasty pretzels. There was a nice amount of salt on them and they were very crispy-crunchy and easy to eat. The taste, though, reminded me, for some reason, like less of a pretzel and more of a cracker-y taste. They reminded me of Toppers, those cracker-pretzel bisecting things.
The pretzels are nice and tiny, and unlike most pretzel brands, do not stab the roof of your mouth with salty and painful delight. The crunch is crispy, but soft. I like these a lot. Another really positive aspect of these was that the high protein made them extremely filling. You don't have to eat a lot of these to feel full, and there's no grainy or icky protein taste. Nobody would notice that these are rich in protein- five grams per serving! if you didn't tell them.

If Newman's Own Organics took a more flavored approach to these, like with the salt and pepper of their rounds, or like Twisted Grandma's, with garlic butter or spicy flavors, I may be more inclined to buy them in stores. But they are really tasty.
7/10- YUMMY

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