Newman's Own Organics Newman-O's

These cookies came in the package, but when I opened them, they were all crunched up. Not all of them, but a few. I think I'll use the crumbs for an ice cream topping.

These were like the mint Newman-O's, but for some reason, the creme filling must have really hydrated the cookies, because they were a bit moister. The creme wasn't like a regular vanilla, either. It was a tasty creme, much less grainy than Oreos and tasted less vanilla flavored than marshmallow. It was good.

These are a good stand-by to eat or give to friends and family, but I definitely prefer Newman's Own Organics specialty flavors of Newman-O's. Something was just strange about this. I think it was the texture of the cookie, perhaps, that made it not to my liking. I feel like these would taste much better as a recipe than a stand-alone snack.

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