Newman's Own Organics Sea Salt Soy Crisps

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lag in posts. It was a very busy week.

I did get some snacking done, though, and I tried the lovely sea-salt flavored Newman's Own Organics Soy Crisps.

I am a potato chip fiend through and through. Nothing delights me more than a good, crispy chip, which I do have for review soon, but to my surprise, I couldn't stop eating these crisps.

They have a nice, rice and soy based crunch to them, very crispy, and soft throughout. Unlike other crisps, there's no strange and brittle crunch. The sea salt comes out in them in a very subtle, but tasty way. They are quite low in calories.

If these could be improved, I might say that they could use a little more sea salt. I ate them on a stomachache and their plain and simple flavor was very tasty and easy on my stomach, especially with the overall consistency, but to some, they may be a little bland.

6/10- OKAY

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