Athena's Silverland Dessert Collection, Part I

Peter, from Athena's Silverland Desserts, sent me twelve dessert bars and brownies to review and showcase for you. I cut each in half and review them based on how they taste at room temperature and microwaved.

First, the flax seed bar with peanut butter. This is actually a vegan bar, and has a nice honey-brown color and smells strongly of delicious peanuts. Cutting it was hard, as it is extremely chewy. This is definitely not a bar for people who like soft or crunchy things. Biting into it was great. This bar is what granola bars are supposed to taste like. I don't think I can ever safely eat a Quaker bar again after eating this. It's simple, sweet, but not too sweet, and the flax seeds provide a nice crunch.

Microwaved for ten seconds, this bar completely transformed. The salt in the peanut butter was brought out completely, and the bar got softer, gooier, and more incredible. I didn't think such a feat was plausible, but they did it.

Vegan, guys. I'm still looking for the butter.


Next up is the double chocolate brownie, the brownie that purportedly made Athena's famous. The bar is a dark brown and smells really chocolatey. And it might be the most incredible brownie I've ever eaten.

I don't like my brownies chewy. I don't like them crunchy. I don't like them crispy, crumbly, cakey, or anything like that. I like my brownies mushy. This is not a mushy brownie, though. This brownie is like biting into a piece of fudge. It's incredible. This brownie falls apart in my mouth and creates a complex, textured ride of fudgey and melting goodness.

I put it in the microwave for ten seconds, hoping that the whole thing wouldn't melt all over. I keep expecting it to be completely chocolate, no cake. It is so rich. It's studded with chocolate chips all over. It didn't melt, but the chocolate chips got nice and gooey and gooooooood.

This is one rich brownie. One small square was completely satisfying without being too sweet or gloppy. It's incredible.


The next was the sibling to the double chocolate brownie, the double chocolate with nuts. I think all the nuts were walnuts. This brownie was the same, that same not-too-sweet perfection and sublime, velvety texture. The nuts were a little too roughly chopped, but went well with the taste and made a nice crunch to the rest of the brownie.

Microwaved, it was the same delicious ganache-like flavor and consistency.


Tomorrow, I'll have another three bars and photos of these delights! Thanks again, Pete!

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