Athena's Silverland Dessert Collection, Part II

Here's the next selection of bars from Athena's Silverland Desserts. I've been slowly nibbling away at them, little by little, and they're just fantastic. I ate three flavors of bars today, and I am full and bloated, but for you readers, I'd do anything. ;)

I started out by trying a 7-layer bar, also called a magic cookie bar. That's how I've always known them to be, magic cookie bars. They're bars with a graham cracker crust base, condensed milk, nuts, chocolate, walnuts, and coconut. I don't actually think there are seven layers, just seven ingredients. They're prepared in layers, though.

This particular bar had a nice, chewy coconutty flavor, with the addition of butterscotch chips with the chocolate. My mother doesn't like to put butterscotch chips in her bars because she thinks they're too sweet, so growing up, I never had the luxury of trying the bars with butterscotch. It's fantastic. I love how the butterscotch adds a salty bite to the bar and gives it a slightly richer taste.

The bar itself wasn't dry, but the coconut was a little flaky and fell off in parts. I could not taste any nuts, but the graham cracker crust was moist and buttery. Warm, it melted in my mouth. The bar was tasty and very rich.

I also tried the chocolate toffee crunch. This brownie was chilled in the fridge for whatever reason, so I let it sit a while at room temperature and get a little warmer. The brownie base was good, a nice, chewy, almost fudgie brownie, but there was very little toffee to see on the brownie. I couldn't taste much within the interior, either. My mother said that she felt as though the brownie was undercooked, but I thought it was perfect

The toffee that I did taste reminded me less of toffee than it did caramel, and it wasn't very noticeable. It was overpowered by the chocolate, which was good, but didn't balance well regarding the ratio of chocolate to toffee. I would have preferred to see a layer of toffee, or perhaps hard toffee pieces, because it said it was a toffee crunch, but there was no crunch to speak of.

5/10- OKAY

The last brownie I tried for today was the hopscotch bar, and I'm a little confused about it. Looking on the website for the description, I saw no notice whatsoever of the hopscotch bar. There wasn't any product description or photo for it, and nothing came up when I searched, either. I'm thinking hopscotch might be a cute nomiker for their blondies, which is the closest thing that came up for me.

Either way, it was a good bar. It had lots of chunks in it, and lots of goodies- chocolate chips, butterscotch, and walnuts, on a blonde brownie base. The texture was very rough, but it provided a nice contrast to the smoother flavors I'd been having. The walnuts were big in the flavor department here, and went very well with the vanilla-flavoring in the base.

6/10- TASTY

Again, excellent selection! See you tomorrow for Part III of the bar reviews! I have some backed up reviews for you, too, including Mia's Mallows, Barker Chocolate Box, and Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's!

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