Athena's Silverland Dessert Collection, Part III

Part III! Sorry it's been a slow few days. I had my graduation party yesterday, so that took up my day.

Anyhow, I still had time to come home and try some brownies and dessert bars. I had another selection of three, both room temperature and warm. I was pretty pleased with today's bunch, but mixed with some.

The first bar I tried made me a little sad. I was most excited to try this brownie, the Alpine White Chocolate, but it fell extremely short of my expectations. I'd never tried a white chocolate brownie and had no idea that such a thing was possible. I didn't really know people were capable of making baked goods with white chocolate, so it fascinated me.

The bar was very dense and very greasy. It was too thick and tasted not of white chocolate or even vanilla, but shortening and butter. There were very little chocolate chips spread around, giving it a very bland and flavorless aroma and taste. There were supposed to be white chocolate shavings on it, but none that I tasted of.

I didn't enjoy this brownie, but I really wanted to. I ate the whole thing, trying it in the fridge, warmed up, at room temperature, but it didn't cut it at all. It's a shame, because everything else was really excellent.

3/10- HM.

The next bar I tried was the English Toffee Crunch. I liked this bar. It was very similar to the chocolate toffee, but much tastier and more toffee-ee. If that makes any remote sense. It had a crunchy exterior, like a Skor bar, and a buttery bottom crust.

Microwaving this is not advisable. It melted and stuck to my teeth. Still tasted great, but was sticky. Got chewy, and then brittle. I liked the flavor. If I had to make any improvement to it, it would be to put in more chocolate. There was a drizzle, but if there was a layer of fudge or chocolate chips, it would have been absolutely sublime.

6/10- GOOD

The last flavor for today was the Snickerdoodle flavor. I think it was a little misnamed, because "snickerdoodle" usually refers to those cookies and flavors of that nature that involve cinnamon, sugar, and spices in the cookie, like a souped-up sugar cookie. This was more of a Snickers bar flavor, but I'm guessing the company made a narrow save in avoiding any copyright infringement.

Name aside, this was an excellent brownie. Truly. There was a thick, thick ribbon of caramel all over the brownie, topped with the halves of salty peanuts. I love the juxtaposition, if I might use such a pretentious term, of salty and sweet. The caramel was nice and firm, and abundant all over the brownie. The firmness of the caramel made a nice contrast to the gooiness of the brownie, and the salted peanuts were just divine. I liked how they were in pieces and halves, instead of larger chunks, or ground up. It seemed to be the perfect consistency to have as a good blend, instead of overpowering or fading away. Didn't notice any peanut butter chips, though. Still good.

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