Newman's Own Organics 34% Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar

This is another bar in the truly massive selection from Newman's Own Organics.

The chocolate is perfect, the same 34% milk base that I had in the plain bar, but with the addition of coffee. The bite is smooth, with a nice and satisfying snap to it, but virtually no coffee grounds to be seen. Where do they come from?

The answer is in the bar. You can smell them. You can definitely smell them, but unfortunately, the smell is more of a dairy creamer, gourmet coffee smell than a beany smell of freshly roasted Kona or coffee equivalent. Coffee enthusiasts, shield your eyes. What is meant to be an ingredient highlight is merely a flavor masking the chocolate, creating a pungent and fake-tasting flavor. The coffee extract.

Instead of taking a front seat and complementing the chocolate, the mocha flavor just sits there and fights with it. One minute I taste chocolate, the next minute, coffee. They argue like recently divorced couples. The chocolate melts smoothly, and that's it. It's an excellent milk chocolate, and I feel that by adding the extract, they really detract from the smoky, full bodiness that coffee lends to chocolate.

4/10- LAME

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