Bliss Candies August Nibbler Sampler Pack

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In the mail today I got a delightful selection of cookie bars and brownies from Bliss Candies, one of my regular bakers. There were seven in total, all with very different flavor profiles and textures, a real summer-beating treat! All the bars in the nibbler pack were chosen for their longevity in the hot sun, so these are a really great treat for a sugary craving that won't melt away!

The first bar I ate when I was in the car- an unrecommended practice for those with bad insurance! It was the toasted coconut and almond bar. This bar resembled an Almond Joy candy with a delicious brownie base.

I normally don't like coconut, but this was a really delightful brownie. The coconut was roasted on top, and had a layer of goo in the middle with an almond-studded brownie base. The entire thing could best be described as moist. I liked the moistness and the nutty crunch of the coconut and the flavor of the chocolate, very rich and deep.

7/10- TASTY

The next bar given to me was a "Not so plain Jane" butterscotch bar. Bliss advertised a hint of butterscotch, but with this car, it was more like a "Give me the money or I'll break your knees" amount of butterscotch. It was good, just not what I was expecting. The heavy bar was studded with chocolate chips, too.

The bar had a nice, deep brown sugary flavor, but was a little too dry for my tastes. Although I did enjoy it very much, I'd recommend eating this bar with a large glass of milk next to it, as it does get to be a bit of a desert dessert.

6/10- YUM

My favorite bar was this bar, the Oatmeal Fluffernutter bar. I'd never seen a bar, aside from a Rice Krispie treat, of course, incorporate marshmallows so seamlessly, making them a key player in the texture and flavor, but not overwhelming the gourmand with that quintessential marshmallow taste. This bar was so complex that I had to bite half of it, eat it together, and then dissect the individual layers to analyze how it all went together.

It starts with an interesting base that slightly detracted me from the overall appeal of the cookie bar. It was an oaty, more granola-y base that was crunchier than I expected. Upon taking the bottom part off and eating it separately, I found that I much preferrred the sum of the rest of the contents. The next layer is, I kid you not, a layer of homemade peanut butter filling, just like in a Reese's. This layer was malleable and soft and overall, delicious. After was a spongy marshmallow peanut butter fluff layer, which was just delicious. For anyone who has never partaken in a homemade marshmallow, this is the time. It's just incredible, and with the streusel and chocolate chips on top, this bar is just to die for.


Another bar in the Nibbler package was a bittersweet chocolate meltaway truffle brownie. It was a very good treat, very moist, like Bliss's treats often are. I didn't taste any real hint of truffle, aside from a much stronger, almost like a bittersweet cocoa powder flavor, in strength, but nothing really reminded me of a truffle.

The brownie was very good. It resembled more of a bread, like a tea cake, because of its moistness but stood up to its topping and really did live up to its motto- a little bit of this goes a long way. I ate half of it and felt as though I was satisfied, and it was a small bar! It's very rich and yummy.

6/10- GOOD

An oatmeal turtle bar was a part of this selection. None can escape the delicious, gooey wrath of Bliss Candie's homemade vanilla caramel! Really. It's that good. Thisd bar was a little more dense than the others. Instead of providing that chewy texture, it crumbled a bit more. This was good, but did make it a little messy!

The flavor was quite good. Bliss does not skimp on chocolate chips for any of these. The oatmeal works well with the caramel's smoothness, taking bumpy and moving it to bodacious with this bar. The caramel was saltier than I expected, but still worked with the sweetness of the chocolate.

6/10- NUM NUM

Another bar that really utilized the homemade caramel and smacked its flavor home was the "Presidential" Turtle Brownie. I don't know why, but the two parts of the brownie had distinctly different textures, possibly from the caramel liquid seeping into the bottom part, but I loved it.

The bottom layer was delicate and moist and very fudgy, separated by the thick and rich homemade caramel layer. I love caramel. I love it when it's perfect. And this was some perfect caramel. The top layer of brownie was studded with pecans, and was a little more fluffy and crunchy than the bottom payer. My only complaint with these is that the pecans were too chunky and thus, the flavor was inconsistent, but that's always been my thing with pecans. Don't let it detract you from ordering these beauties!

8/10- MMMMM!

The last bar in the Nibbler package was an almond cookie bar with chocolate chips. This bar was very crumbly and very brittle, but the chunks of chocolate and nuts provided some softness that made it very tasty.

I liked the contrast of textures in this bar and think that it would make a very facile and portable snack for on-the-go decadence. A winner.

7/10- GREAT

Bliss can be found here,!

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