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I got a selection of cakes in the mail a few days ago and am just getting the chance to review them now.

These are cakes by CrumbyDelights, and I received a few different flavors in the mail. One thing I will mention that I really love and highly recommend to anyone who ships things that need to be kept in one place is this shredded paper.

I'm sure I'd seen it before when used with gifts for my birthday or something, but I like it a lot because it's festive and nice, but because it serves a purpose, too. When I opened this box, there was a veritable mass of shredded fuchsia paper in there, and it had all clumped together so that the plate inside wouldn't move. In addition to that, the plate was packaged in a nice hat box, so when I opened it, the cake pieces were as fresh and ready to eat as the day they were packaged.

I tried the first cake, an amaretto and Kahlua chocolate cake first, and I was somewhat on the fence. I'm not really a drinker of alcohol, so I can't quite tell you if the flavors were accurate, but I do know that Kahlua is a coffee-based alcohol and that amaretto is an almond based alcohol. In that respect, there wasn't any coffee flavor that I was able to detect, but I might be wrong about the subtle flavors that Kahlua has.

There was a decent amount of almond flavor and a really moist, but dense texture, probably from where the alcohol was. A nice crust was around the cake, and the overall taste was chocolatey and flavorful.

6/10- MMMM.

This cake was a pecan rum cake, with a really nice streusel on the top. It had a very tropical flavor to it, potentially from the rum, and the texture was much better on this cake than the last. It was definitely airier and fluffier and had less of a heavy and dense texture to it. The crumbs fell apart in my mouth, but not in my hands, and were moist and tasty.

As for the taste, the pecans really made it a more interesting dessert than if it was simply a rum cake. They were nestled in a nice glaze on top, and the streusel made a moist top crust as well as middle, too. I'd like to see this with pineapple incorporated, perhaps, or a cream cheese frosting. The alcohol flavor was there in strength, in the intensity of the flavor, but not so much in the overall taste of the cake.

7/10- GREAT

The last cake was a plain almond cake with a dusting of powdered sugar. It had the same texture as the chocolate cake, the same spongy, but extremely dense cake. It reminded me more of a pound cake than any other type.

The almond flavor was present and good. It was a nice mixture of a vanilla cake taste and the almond extract I assume was used. There was a nice crust covering the cake, a chewy, brown and nearly caramelized crust that made the inside even tastier.

6/10- NICE

Crumby Delights

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