Dessert Pocky: Tiramisu

When FoodZ and I first got this flavor, we didn't know what to make of it until we saw a few reviews of it. This was one confusing Pocky!

When we opened the box, we were surprised and pleased to find four individual packages of Pocky, with a thick coating on them. Japanese Snack Reviews tasted these and thought they tasted strongly of alcohol. We couldn't find that at all here. If anything, the dominant scent and flavor was of butterscotch.

The taste was great. There were two separate and definite textures when biting into this Pocky- the flavor of the butterscotch topping and then the crunch of the stick was delicious. The Pocky base might have also been a little sweeter, more like a graham flavor than a biscuit. It was very tasty.

Overall, this was one of our favorite Pockys tried so far. The extra bit of coating on it was definitely worth the while and the price.


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