Foodette on the Road

The Foodette is going South, people! I'm headed to Thurmond, MD, to visit my wonderful cousins, and I'm going to be trying some of the guiltiest pleasures in fast food and regional restaurants. I have Chick-Fil-A and Hungry Howie's on my list, as well as an amazing ice cream dairy and more.

To celebrate my first regional trip, I'm going to offer a giveaway on this blog. The winners, of which there will be TWO, will receive a special gift pack of treats compiled by yours truly from these funky places! All you have to do is comment and give me an idea about where I ought to go next (bonus points if you'll let me crash on the couch!) and what good eats are in your neighborhood!

Let the commenting begin! I'll check them all when I get back on the 8th, and let you know who won and what they'll get!

Also, check out the Threadcake that Patricia and I made, on! It's based on the t-shirt Shelf Life, and I know a lot of our good food bloggers are judges this year!