Google Analytics!

Got it a while ago, and I let it sit. Now, I'm going to show you some of my favorite search engines that you, the readers, searched for to get to my blog!

- are herrs baby back ribs vegetarian
Ribs are not vegetarian, and neither are the chips.

- skinny cow bad

- asian juice with the little bead things
Someone's obviously been reading my mind, because I have a review coming up for a drink with basil seeds in it. Unless you're referring to ramune. And don't drink the beads.

- bee curls
...Yes. The cheese curls with the bees.

- dick porn photo
Not here, pal. Unless you get lucky and find that I've done a hot dog review.

- have free tine in mcdonald
Free tines come aplenty. I'm sure the forks are relatively breakable. Free time, though. Fuck if I know what to do. Play cards?

- is grape juice good for a cold
No idea. Ask WebMD.

- kill me if u love me
Great. Now the emo kids will be trolling my blog.

- pornpictures down
Not here. Not unless I do a Foodette Porno Shoot. Any takers?

- my chihuahua ate chocolate ice cream is that bad
Yes. Stop reading my reviews and get help.

- monster energy jello
Doesn't exist, but it's not a bad idea. It will definitely taste like pee.

- soy crisps gave me stomachache

- where can i buy hanky panky dessert
Hanky Panky Snax, in your local sketchy vending machine. Hanky Panky Dessert...that just sounds dirty.