Roy Rogers Restaurant

Went to Roy Rogers today, after hearing from foodies everywhere that the Gold Rush chicken sandwich is the apex of chicken sandwiches, the gold standard, if you will. I was really excited to go, and my cousin Marie had childhood memories of going, so we all got in the car with the little kids, my cousins, once removed, and grabbed some grub!

As I said, I got the Gold Rush chicken sandwich meal with fries and a sweet tea. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed by the Gold Rush. What looked like dripping, messy sauce on the photos I saw, there was only a dryish splooged spot on my sandwich. The sauce was much more reminiscent of a honey mustard than a honey, which disappointed me, because I was hoping for a really sweet sauce. The chicken was not a breast like the Chick-Fil-A but more of a reconstituted meat, like McDonald's, and had a panko-like, dry coating on an evenly spaced and thin piece of chicken.

The bacon was like an awful magic trick. I saw it. I smelled it. It crumbled in my mouth when I bit it. But I didn't taste it at all. The magic disappearing bacon. It tasted like Bac-O's had been mushed into a large strip of bacon, absolutely tasteless. I like my bacon a little chewy, a little crispy, with some fat on it, but this was just crisp, no taste. The cheese was good. It was a thick slice, but wasn't melted and because the chicken wasn't very hot, didn't melt at all. It was good. I would have rather had a better taste, like perhaps a pepper jack, but it did the job.

Overall, I was just disappointed. I saw so many delicious photographs, but this really dropped the ball. I have such faith in this sandwich that I just might trek to the one in Northern CT to try it again, so I hope it'll do the job. The ideal sandwich- the one I was expecting, was a nice, fried chicken breast with a honey sauce, jack cheese, crispy, juicy bacon, on a bun.


The fries were nothing to shake a hat at. They were good fries, nice and thick, with a golden brown color and a good coating of salt, but none were over two inches long. It was like eating out of a garden of little, stubby midget fry fingers. Quite strange. Nonetheless, decent.

5/10- GOOD

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