Taco Bell Grilled Chicken Gordita

Well, you readers asked for it, and it's my job to deliver- fast food is the choice. In honor of the passing of Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, I went to my local Bell and got three gorditas- one for me, one for my Chihuahua, and one for the big Taco Bell in the sky.

I ordered a grilled chicken gordita with no lettuce and tomato and Lava Sauce, and got a grilled chicken gordita with lettuce and tomato and sour cream. Strike one.

The gordita was so loosely wrapped that it spilled its fresco toppings all over my car, and the cheese wasn't at all melted on the inside. I never could understand why they put unmelted cheese on. Surely they don't fancy their products to be so hot to melt cheese!

I got home and microwaved it to make it edible. Unfortunately, that didn't do it. I opened it up and examined the contents. In the entire gordita, I found maybe five pieces of chicken, and all the sour cream was jammed up at one end of the sandwich. The breading was like eating a very bland Hot Pocket crust, and nothing went well together. The cheese was slimy and still cold, the lettuce and tomato bits kept getting in the way, the sour cream was all at one end, and the chicken was MIA.

I ate half and gave the rest to my dog. Gidget, I hope this doesn't disrespect your memory.


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