TastyKake Limited Edition: Summer Berry Pie

Whoops. Almost typed "beery" instead of "berry". TastyKake might want to jump on that bandwagon. It'd probably sell a lot more pies.

I was dubious about these because back East, we have the Hostess pies and those are crap. They're nasty, lard-tasting pie shells barely a third full of pie filling and no chunks. Tasty Kake, though, I expected to be different, and it was. It's true. In the South, everything really is better.

The pie was thicker than I expected, and the crust was very soft. It was packaged in a nice little box with photos of the fruit on it and was nestled safely so as not to crush.

The crust was a sweet crust, not so much of a pie crust as a thicker, cakey crust, because it didn't flake and get icky. It surrounded the filling well and was consistently thick on all sides and made a nice ratio to filling.

I have a horrible confession, and that confession is that I like pie filling. I mean, I prefer it to regular plain fruit in a pie. I like the texture, the gooiness. I just like it. And in this pie, it has that delicious, gelatinous pie filling, but there are HUGE CHUNKS of real fruit. I even went so far as to take the other half of my pie and sort of comb through to see how many berries I could find. I got three blueberries, two cherries, and two pieces of apple- in half the pie! It was really impressive, especially for a small company to do that, and I think others could take a page from Tasty Kake's book.

8/10- GREAT

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