Chocolove Selection

Got some new bars from Chocolove today, trying out some of their new flavors. I had an altercation with a snippy RA today, they put the wrong name on the package and he kept badgering me for ID. But here's the review. At least he didn't find out about the meth lab in my dorm.

That's a joke, UMass. Search my room.

So the first bar I tried, actually, am trying right now, is a coffee crunch bar, with 55% dark chocolate. Although my photo can't accurately convey it, there are little tiny nubs all over the bottom of the chocolate bar. Those would be the coffee beans.

The chocolate is of a smoky, woodsy variety. There are notes of cinnamon and accents of nutty flavors. The chocolate is phenomenal. The beans were crunchy and went very well with the chocolate. I think 55% is the perfect ratio of cocoa to balance out the bitter notes of the coffee beans, and that when eaten, actually intensifies and accentuates the more subtle flavors of the bean.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I liked this bar a lot. The complexities of the chocolate along with the texture of the crunch of the beans makes for an enjoyable bar. Definitely a sophisticated treat, but never fear, coffee haters! It combines to create an amalgam of taste for the absolute- or aspiring- gourmand.


I was really excited to try this next bar, as I've been on a sea salt in candy kick and had yet to try a chocolate with sea salt.

Right away, I got the tang from the sea salt in the first bite. The chocolate maintained its woodsy qualities but also gained, with the sea salt, gained a near neutrality that had its positive and negative values, as far as taste went.

The almonds, if there, were barely noticeable. Only once in six squares did I not only feel the crunch, but taste the almond's nuttiness. If there were less chunks of almonds, and more whole nuts, I'd have been more inclined to score this higher.

Combined with the sea salt, this was a good chocolate. I just don't think there was enough of the two flavors in the bar. If this were boosted up with more of the flavors, and perhaps a higher concentration of chocolate in the bar to counteract that, this might be a keeper. For now, though, it's going on the shelves.


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