Coco-Luxe BONANZA.

I got a package from Amy at Coco-Luxe with a selection of their famous chocolate bars and chocolate truffles. My roomba and I are going to try them for a delicious review!

Expect a Halloween review soon! Nyahahahahaha!
The first bar we tried was the Roark, a dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs. It was partitioned into little squares, which Roomba adored. The Roomba is a dark chocolate connoisseur, and instantly informed me that it is a 72% dark chocolate. It was sweet enough, but not too sweet, had the crispest bite I've ever felt in a chocolate, and had an added wonderful crunch from the cocoa nibs.

The bar wasn't bitter at all, and tasted of coffee reminiscent and had a nice, milky and smooth taste with a fantastic, clean aftertaste.

The next bar was the Spumoni bar, which is a white chocolate bar with dried cherries, pistachios, and cocoa nibs. The bar was yellow than most whites I've seen, which implies a higher butter content, so that made me happy. It was delicious, and the pieces of fruit and nut crunched nicely. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste a lot of them, as the pieces were drastically overpowered by the white chocolate.

The chocolate had a clean taste, but I wish there were more essences or pieces of the other components in the chocolate. It had all the makings of a Spumoni dessert, but very muted tastes of it.

6/10- DECENT
Another crisp, clean bite to this one. This is the Good Fortune bar, a dark bar with pieces of crystallized ginger and fortune cookie bites. Instantly, even before you tasted the chocolate, you got a delicious, but not overwhelming, taste of ginger. The chocolate was clean and had a light taste to it, rich, but not overpowering. All the flavors just went well together.

The fortune cookie pieces mingled and crunched well, with a light vanilla-y taste to them. The bar just went extremely well with everything. It was crisp and so tasty. I might eat more later.


The next selection of things to try were the caramels. Three were in the selection, butterscotch, coated in white chocolate with a dash of Sonoma salt, praline with milk chocolate with Alaea salt, and shoo fly pie with dark chocolate with some Salish smoked salt.

The salt on the praline was very subtle, but made for a more exciting caramel experience. The praline caramel was rich, rich, rich, and had a toffee, coffee, tasty taste. The texture was phenomenal. It was chewy, but not so chewy that it stuck to my teeth. The chocolate melted around the caramel and mixed in. Overall, delightful.

7/10- MMMM!

The salt on the butterscotch was sweeter, a little more acidic in taste, though. I was extremely surprised when I bit into the butterscotch, because the texture was unlike any caramel I'd ever had. It was soft, like a ganache, and the density reminded me of a brown sugar truffle.

Without the salt, this would be almost grossly saccharine, but there was enough salt to make the sweetness a little better to take, and balanced out the flavors so none were too intense.


The salt on the shoo-fly pie was easily the most complex. It had a dark, gritty taste to it, but still the salty properties. It reminded me of camping by the sea, with woodsy and smoky tastes, but a salty finish. This truffle was obscene. The molasses flavor was to die for, the texture was perfect, a mix of the white and the milk's caramel components, and the dark chocolate melted beautifully. This truffle has airs of cinnamon, anise, nutmeg...tons of spices, making an amazing chocolate.

10/10- SUBLIME

These were great truffles and bars! Look forward to the Halloween review!

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