Fritos Chili Cheese

Fritos are good chips. I mean, for three ingredients, what's not to love? Of course, this flavor contains more than three ingredients, but with the promise of chili and cheese flavor, I figured that sacrifice would be worth it.

In short, they're a bit of a letdown. They smell like chili, and one would assume they'd be the perfect companion to actual chili- a sort of portable chili and cornbread taste. They're a nice, bright red color. But for the taste, it's as though they made a mis-print on the label and meant to type "salt and paprika" instead of "chili cheese."

There's absolutely no cheese flavor to speak of. If there was, I missed it under the heavy guise of salt and paprika in the flavoring. The Frito taste is standard, tasty Frito- nice and buttery, very crispy, and corn-flavored. But this flavor just leaves me behind. What's the appeal? I expected to much more.

4/10- EH.

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