Japanese Wild Cheese Cheetos

Hey, again, trying more Japanese snacks with Roomba and MM. Today we sampled some Cheetos advertising themselves as "wild cheese". Dubious as I was, I must admit that these live up to their title of being wild.

The main difference between American Cheetos and these that you first see is the shape. These not only contain the baton, bicep, and occasionally Iowa-shaped curls, but also contain a special paw-shaped Cheeto. These are more of a Frito consistency, quite dense, and very crunchy. However, the texture of these combined with the cheese tastes a bit like eating uncooked macaroni and cheese, and often juxtaposes strangely with the softer texture of the batons.

The flavor is what really changed our rating from a lower score. First, the pieces started out cheesy, averagely cheesy, like macaroni and cheese, but got spicier with a hint of jalapeno flavoring. The flavor was identical, down to the last salty bite, of those cheap Maruchan macaroni and cheese ramen cups. These were quite tasty and we couldn't stop eating them.

7/10- DECENT

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