Libby's Italian Pastry Shop, New Haven, CT

Here's my first review of a local restaurant...the next time I do one of these, it'll probably be in Amherst.

I like to go to this one restaurant in Wooster Square of New Haven. It's the Italian District, and they're famous for their anginettes and their Italian ices, but what nobody really knows of is their cheesecake. Quite simply, it's to die for.

They have a few flavors, but my absolute favorite is one that places with cheesecake rarely, if ever, carry. I'm talking about the peanut butter cheesecake. The one at Libby's does not skimp. It's a fluffy, peanut butter cheesecake base, with a cookie crumb crust, topped with peanut butter and chocolate swirls of syrup.

It's incredible.

I'd eat more than one of these if I was able to finish my first one. This is a dessert to be eaten over a period of time. It's so rich and creamy that it's impossible to wolf down too much of it. The beauty starts at the crust, which has to be at least 1/2 inch thick all the way around. The corner bite of the piece is almost all crust. The cheesecake itself is rich and maintains the tang of cream cheese while filling the entirety of one's pores and orifices with the nutty, nutty, buttery taste of peanut butter. It's airy, but dense.

It's amazing. Simply incredible. There's just nothing else to say about it.

As far as the restaurant goes, it's interesting. It's closed on Tuesdays, takes cash only, and it oftentimes rather full, with lines going out the door. They move quickly, but the inside of the store is like an oven. No A/C. No fans. And if you want to sit, you have to sit inside and have a waiter take your order, otherwise you have to stand and then leave after you've received your food. It's a little inconvenient in that respect, hence the less than perfect score. It's worth it, though. Prices are not bad, and you'll come back for more, like a good Dominatrix.

Libby's of New Haven
139 Wooster Street
New Haven, CT, 06511


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