Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster

Here's a drink that has been getting me through the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have three classes in a row- three hard History classes and damn if I ain't beat by the time those are finally over. Usually, I stop at the "Oasis" in my hall and grab a bagel or something, but lately I've been trying to avoid carbs and if I don't need them in a snack, no point in eating them.

So I've been getting this drink. The first time I saw it, it was while gazing hungrily at it and I got up because it looked so good, I had to get one. I did, and it was no mistake. The shake is soy milk, but I couldn't taste anything remotely resembling soy. Just good, rich chocolate.

The shake fills you up fast, so it's good for a meal replacement or just a good "to go" snack. One recommendation I do have is that the drink is thoroughly mixed pre-consumption. There's a layer of Dutch chocolate at the bottom that should not go to waste!

7/10- TASTY

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