Saralyn's Shortbread

The best thing about shortbread is that they're crunchy and powdery at the same time, and maintain such an incredible buttery flavor. So when Saralyn's Shortbread offered to send me a few samples, how could I resist?

The best shortbread I have ever consumed was in a cafe in Edinburgh Castle. It was a four by four square, roughly an inch, inch and a half thick, dusted with granulated sugar and warm, fresh out of the oven. It was a chilly, cold day, and that shortbread was slightly chewy, perfectly crunchy, and buttery good.

So did this pass the test?

I received three flavors to try, none of which I'd ever seen. I'd only had buttery shortbread before, so these were a good treat to see if the shortbread flavor could hold up to other add-ins. The flavors she sent me were mint chocolate chip, peanut butter crunch, and maple walnut.

The peanut butter crunch and maple walnut were in boxes with cookies roughly the size of large buttons. They might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen. The maple walnut was easily the best of all three and maintained the butteriness of the shortbread authenticity, yet incorporated its own flavor, a nice, toasted walnut taste and a maple-kissed hint, into each and every cookie.

8/10- GREAT

The peanut butter crunch was also very tasty, but I found it a little too sweet for my liking. The pieces of peanut butter cup were far and few between, and the shortbread flavor was completely dominated by the peanut butter. The texture was great, as this shortbread is, and was quite crumbly and good.

6/10- NICE

The mint chocolate chip shortbread cookies were the last of the lot to try. These were delicious! They maintained a fantastic, cool, minty taste, and the chocolate chips kept the cookie moist and tasty. I'm not a big fan of things that are mint-flavored, but Roomba loved these and ate two of them! I nibbled on them. Again, texture is a huge deal with these, and they're consistent and perfectly petite.

7/10- TASTY

Thanks, Saralyn!

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