Scrumpdillyumptious Treats

I got a few tasty selections from Scrumpdillyumptious, a one woman show run by Jen, of Brookhaven, MS. She sent me two of her classics- white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and red velvet sandwich cookies.

As you all know, I am a sucker for anything red velvet. But with that suckmanship, I am also a highly tuned critique to what I like and do not like in a red velvet confection. Chocolate and food coloring does not a red velvet make.

These cookies were smaller than I expected, but made up for their size in richness. I ate two of them and was then inexplicably full! They're actually nothing like what I expected at all, which was good! I figured they'd be some sort of a muffin-top like cookie with the frosting in between, but the cookie was denser, like a brownie, and the frosting was not as wet as I would have thought. The taste was phenomenal. I shared them with my friend, Doctor Love, and she went nuts.

I had no real complaints for these, aside from the frosting consistency, but they were really delicious! If I'd had more, I would have eaten them all up.

7/10- LOVELY

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookies made the perfect traveling companions for my dad and I. We went to a Weezer concert and brought them with us to avoid massive stadium food prices. They were a nice snack, crunchy and fun to eat on the way. There was a nice scent of vanilla in the cookie, and there was an even amount of white chocolate chunks and nuts all over.

One thing I really liked about these is that there weren't whole nuts in the cookies, but rather, broken up bits, and I think they might have been toasted, too. It added to the overall consistency of the texture, instead of breaking my teeth on the nuts, I got to enjoy the flavor and the "crunch" without worrying about my dental bills.

7/10- GOOD!


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