Taco Bell Volcano Nachos

I ordered these with FoodZ and the Dog, on one of our- sniff! Last outings before I leave for college. The platter was huge- I wasn't entirely sure why it cost $3.49 until I saw how big the plate was!

Taco Bell tried really hard with these, but failed miserably in a few aspects. The nacho chips were absolutely drenched in the toppings, here. I mean, they were absolutely overwhelmed in this dish. It came with ground beef, refried beans, Volcano Nacho sauce, tortilla strips, regular nacho cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos, and sour cream, which, on my dish, was inexplicably non-existent.

I was overwhelmed by this dish, personally. The jalapenos were fresh and crunchy but had a strange briney taste that made me feel like there were pickles on the dish. The beans were good, but messy, as was the beef, and I wish that they'd been put one on top of another than in separate places on the plate because I felt like I was eating two different types of nachos instead of one "ultimate" type. The cheeses were good, but I think I had plain nacho sauce, because I didn't taste the heat one normally gets with Volcano sauce.

Overall, it was all right. It just needs work. The red strips were good but rather redundant as this dish was tortilla-based. It didn't make sense. I think it could be improved with more ingredient centrification and more customizable options.

Yeah. Centrification. In a freakin' Taco Bell dish. Deal!


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