Kim and Scott's Gourmet Grilled Cheese Pretzel

Here's another example of an oft-overlooked treat, the soft pretzel, and the response, the pimped-out version of this snack.

This particular pretzel is grilled cheese flavored. Everyone loves a good, toasty, gooey grilled cheese, so why not in a pretzel? I never figured they'd be able to insert the flavor of a grilled cheese into a pretzel. Anyone can cram cheese sauce into a pretzel and call it a day. But would they be able to emulate the crispy and buttery outer shell of a grilled cheese? The salty, melty cheese on the inside?

In a word, yes.

Kim and Scott make these amazing gourmet pretzels. They're frozen, in a box, so you can pop them out and into the microwave or toaster oven any time you'd like. I had mine in a microwave, but it was a little less crispy than I've have liked it, so next time I might just pop it into the toaster for a few minutes after thawing it out. They're also fully cooked, so can be eaten in a lunch box, cold.

This particular pretzel is oozing with cheese, lots of gooey and stringy, high-quality cheddar cheese. It has a nice, buttery flavor without being greasy, and maintains that salty pretzel goodness. They're pretty substantial, too. Six ounces of pretzel makes a good snack for some and a good meal-on-the-go for others.

Overall, awesome. Best of all, Kim and Scott's have many varieties of pretzels for anyone's tastes. In the next few days, I'll be trying their pizza flavor, and their egg and cheese pretzel, too.

8/10- GREAT

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