Arizona Iced Tea Lite Arnold Palmer

Here's a drink that I like to keep around the dorm to remind me of summer and to quench me whenever I'm in need of a refreshing drink. It's the classic Arnold Palmer- half iced tea, half lemonade, but this version doesn't burden you down with all the calories and sugar that most soft drinks have. Each 8 oz. serving has fifty calories and just 13 grams of sugar.

But how does it taste? It's really delicious. The flavor is nice and mellow, with a good lemony aftertaste and a nice "tea" flavor, too. At times, there's a slightly bitter aftertaste, which dissuades me from drinking too much of it, but the flavor is well rounded and I definitely taste both lemonade and tea.

The "lite" part is barely noticable, in fact, it's almost better than the regular version because it's less sugary and doesn't make you thirstier.

8/10- YUMMY

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