Doritos Smokin' Cheddar BBQ

I cannot be the only one who is absolutely delighted that these are back! I thought they'd disappeared forever, going back to the realms of guacamole and X-13D. These were a promotion a while back, butting heads with the less tasty White Cheddar. For a while, they left, and are now back under another promotion, the likes of which I cannot ascertain.

They're really spicy for a cheese and BBQ flavor. The flavor is overwhelmingly barbecue-based but has a really nice spice at the end, like a cayenne flavor to it. And the heat definitely lingers! The cheese is definitely less felt, but gives a creamy and rounded flavor to the chip as a whole. I'm not sure I'd be able to distinguish a particularly "cheddar-y" flavor, though.

All the chips in my bag were whole and unbroken and were really crunchy and fresh. There is a healthy dose of powder on each chip, as opposed to some of the regular flavors. Frito-Lay has gotten really lazy with those. But these pop in my mouth and are really tasty. An excellent snack. I'd love to make nachos with these or eat them with pulled pork. They seem really versatile for other flavors, too.


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