Ingrid's Peanut Butter Cups

Sent to me last night on a rainy day...the perfect early breakfast treat! And yes, for me, 2:27 PM is early breakfast. I'm in college, let me be!

I tried a white chocolate peanut butter cup first. The chocolate was good, very tasty, like a nice melting chocolate, but there was not enough peanut butter in the ratio to chocolate, I found. With peanut butter cups, this can make the chocolate melt really well or be too crunchy if there's not enough, which I found to be the case.

It wasn't bad, but the creaminess of the white chocolate really detracted from the peanut butter and if I hadn't known it was a peanut butter cup from its iconic shape, I might not have thought so.


The chocolate one fared a little better. The thickness was still prominent and the chocolate had a bit of a waxy taste. I'm not sure. The rule about candy sort of applies with the same rule of things like toy boats. Surface area increase and size increase are different, and what tastes perfect on a tiny peanut butter cup won't taste as good on a novelty, three-pound cup. Too thick. Bottom line. Not enough peanut butter flavor.

5/10- OKAY
Ingrid's Goodies

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