Japanese Kua Aina Hamburger Potato Chips

Another J-List phenomenon. This is one of the most involved bag designs I've ever seen- with a luscious hamburger, and then, a cartoon hamburger, and the chips, and tourist designs, and all manner of things, all with multiple exclamation points and Japanese writing.


This is another Doritos snack from Frito-Lay Japan, and from the obvious signs, should taste like hamburger. The chip is thick and crispy, corn-based, and as thick as the massive bag that it comes out of. The flavor was quite disappointing to me. There was definitely an aspect of hamburger, but certainly not the greasy goodness portrayed on the bag. If anything, this "hamburger" was about as much burger as the burger listed in the corner of a menu under "Dietary Pleasures," with four ounces of beef, lightly charred, and nothing else. The flavor is very subtle, with a charcoal taste and a slight beefy aftertaste. And corn. The corn base.

These just disappointed me. I expected a good deal of flavoring, like a nice powder with a little tomato tang, a good deal of cheese, even mayonnaise, and a solid beef flavor to round it off, but these just brought nothing to the table. Save the flashy graphics and get a real snack.

3/10- ICKY

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