Simply Raspberry Lemonade

I bought this on a whim last night from the convenience store on campus. I'd seen other kids buying this and liking it, and since I did want juice, I figured there was nothing to lose. Aside from $2.29, that is.

Now, this is a pretty tiny bottle. And I bought my gallon of Arnold Palmer for $3.39, so I was skeptical about this gourmet juice from the start! I came home and popped its top off like an eager pubescent boy. And I drank.

It smelled clean and fresh, and tasted like a good cup of lemonade, as though I were driving in the Hamptons and some kids had a lemonade stand with their nannies and a few professional chefs, and this is what they gave me for the low price of $2.29 a cup. But that's all it is. And if these kids tried to shill their pink lemonade as raspberry flavored, I'd be liable to smack them upside the head and get arrested or fed to their attack dogs.

The deal is, it's really not raspberry at all. There are floral notes, you can smell it, but you can't taste it unless you try hard. This isn't cherry limeade. The flavors don't comingle in a delicious bliss. The lemonade is the star of the show and that's it. Bottom line, I'm better off with a gallon of Tampico, baby.


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