Trader Joe's Ready-To-Bake Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies


These are really good cookies. But they're really bad to eat when you're sick and it is ill advised to consume dairy.

Sometimes, though, you don't care. Not one little bit.

Enter Trader Joe's freezer cookies. They come in a box and are individually cut so that if one wishes to consume one cookie, one can do so. Likewise with five. Or sixteen, which is what I did, to make for Roomba and I to snack on. So I made these, cooked them. They were easy and the fact that they are in pre-cut and weighed pieces makes them cook evenly. Always a plus.

The entire process was easy. I mean, it's not rocket science, but it's also more convenient than using multiple bowls and utensils when you can just pop open a package and throw the cookies in the oven. But you knew that. So, the cookies. I baked them for 18 minutes, though the recommended time for crispy cookies was 14 minutes. Either the cookies are more raw than I think, or my oven just sucks.

I let them cool, and then bit into one. They were really delicious. There was a nice crust around the cookie, which gave a bit of a bite to it, but also allowed the soft, gooey inside to melt out. The texture was a little grainy and slightly greasy from the level of butter in these cookies, but that's relatively excusable. Also a little thicker and chubbier than I normally like. But these cookies are excellent for the minimal amount of work they take and are sure to impress!

8/10- NUMMY

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