Baking bread...and a surprise!

Hey, look, an egg. It's the last one I'll have to borrow from the Dining Commons this semester. They don't seem to mind, though. They like me. Also, enjoy my badass leather jacket.

And, hey, look, some bread. That bread happens to be mine. Made by me. It's sour dough bread, with an egg wash and salt on top, made for my shrink for passing her doctoral comprehensive exams.

But...what the hell is that? Is that...a pan? And is that...a Silpat?





That's right.


Because you don't hear any complaints. About tin foil, burnt fingers, mixing things in pots, pot cookies, bread, or any other baked goods, pens as utensils, or otherwise.

Reader, I have been sent cooking supplies. Finally, there is proof of a God. Or at least, sympathy.

It's a holiday miracle! Debbie from Doodles Cookies sent me this amazing basket with a mixing bowl, measuring cups, spoons, spatula, a pan, potholder, dishtowel, her brand new cookie mix, Double Chocolate Habanero, and Silpat. Silpats are a girl's best friend, I tell you. That thing is the best, ever. So for that, and the lovely holiday card she sent as well, I wholeheartedly thank her. And I can assure you that my readers do, too, now that they don't have to hear me yap and complain.

However, in recent news, I have a new obsession. I am saving up for a new project, readers, and that happens to be a foray into the world of molecular gastronomy. I found a relatively cheap kit on the internet that I'll be purchasing and intend on spending one or more of my breaks chronicling my exploits with said activity. So, more on that later, but for now, reviews!

Thanks again, Debbie!