Caramel Cob

Ending 2009 with a delicious, caramel-flavored, phallic object. Have you had your Caramel Cob today? I'll give you a hint. I HAVE NOT. Why so grumpy, Foodette?

No reason. No reason at all.

So here's the deal with this Caramel Cob. It's popped popcorn, caramel corn lovingly crafted into a corn cob shape, so one can eat their caramel corn on the go while simultaneously maintaining the novel shape of a corn cob. Ingenious? Yes. Delicious?

Surprisingly, yes. The Caramel Cobs that I had might have been fresh. I say "might" because nowhere on the package did I find an expiration date. And they might have been so stale so as to alter their chemical composition altogether, but in their event, they were delicious. I assumed it would be like the standard Act II popcorn ball, crunchy and dry and good enough for that one bite that you then hand back to your parents so you can say, "There, I tried it!" But it was chewy. And soft. And warm. And...oh, wait, this is the Caramel Cob. It was chewy and soft and lukewarm, actually, and the caramel was authentic and buttery and not too sugary sweet so that it burnt my throat.

I really liked the soft texture on this, and the popcorn maintained a decent...wait for it...fluff, without being too chewy or stale-tasting, and this snack, low on my radar and dubiously erotic as it was, was genuinely delicious. I might even go back to the convenience store and buy the peanut flavor, too. So, readers, try new things this year, put them in your mouth, and eat them warm.
"Caramel Cob is delicious warm, too!"

I'm not even going to start.

Happy 2010, everyone!

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