The Twelve Days of Slurpees: 1 Fanta Banana Slurpee

I had an adventure with Death Cake last evening, which culminated in an search for those damned Domo Slurpees. Of the two 7-11's in the area, neither carried them, but I did find a strange treat in the Fanta Banana Slurpee, which DC informs me is a common flavor of drinks and candies in Puerto Rico, his home.

So I took the plunge. I like banana-flavored things, so I figured this would prove to be a nice treat. Pro Tip: Never get a 12 oz. Slurpee. Because when you turn the nozzle to get the drink out, there's a slight fuck-up with the initial stuff that pours out. It's watery, but then turns into a regular Slurpee. But if you get the little cup, it all comes out so fast that there's no time for it to blend on its own.

The flavor was nice. I like the hint of carbonation with my Slurpee, and the banana flavor wasn't too gross or syrupy, had more of a milky, bananas and creme flavor than anything else. I liked it. It was milk, but not watery, and not too sugary or intense to bother me.

7/10- NICE ICE

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