The Twelve Days of Slurpees: 3 Fanta Sour Green Apple Slurpees

I got this and I was really confused. It said "sour green apple," but it sure as hell didn't look like sour green apple. It looked like root beer, or if you were really stretching, caramel apple.

So, because I was with Death Cake, and it had been a night of adventures and cold air and smoking, I got it, because I am a lass of adventures and excitement, no? It was much heavier than the last few Slurpees, and oddly enough, a lot less formed. Lots of liquid was left over at the bottom.

I wouldn't have called it sour by any means, and certainly not to the degree that the logo made it look. It was really mild, really watery, and really unimpressive. Like sugar and a mild apple flavor. This Slurpee was like most of my exes- all promise, a dingy grey color, and no delivery. I wouldn't get it again. It was a disappointment.

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