The Twelve Days of Slurpees: 4 Fanta Wild Cherry Slurpees

Ah, there we go, the cough syrup/melted lollipop residue conglomerate rears its ugly head. It's not as bad as that, actually; it's more delicate, like if that mixture were blended with...pastry cream, or something.

Yes, folks, it's another creamy, delicious, slightly salty, squirting out too quickly...Slurpee, from 7-11! Yummy!

Another Fanta selection this time, though, in Wild Cherry. It seemed a bit pedestrian, but since this one wasn't offering anything outside of Crystal Light, and I wasn't feeling that damned soccer mom beverage, I went for it.

The drink isn't bad, it's a classic. Sort of like your mother's old '98 Ford Explorer or Sorry! It's pushed aside for another, more popular beverage. Which isn't a bad thing, but you have to be craving its flavor, because it tends to get inconsistent in its taste, one moment having a surge of cherry flavor, one moment having a little bit of creaminess, strangely, because the mixture is always being stirred in the machine.

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