Fuze Defensify Citrus and Prickly Pear

Look, guys, I'm sorry I'm on a trend of bad beverages lately, but it's winter and I'm thirsty and also cheap, and inexplicably incapable of choosing flavors that taste good. So I wanted to try this because I was thirsty and also because I'd tried some prickly pear jam earlier on in the year, and wanted to see how it compared.

The drink is refreshing, and it's tasty, but there was really no reason aside from an undying love to one-up the pretension of other drink companies to add the prickly pear element. It was really nothing more than a glorified bug juice. It was tasty- nice elements of orangeade, lemonade, and limeade, but not a whole lot else but sugar, sugar, and sugar.

If this were to be a more complex beverage, I might have expected other elements, like a tropical fruit, instead of a primarily citrus-dominated area. Too many made it rather boring.

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