Fuze Refresh Strawberry Guava

Speaking of creamy and slurpy drinks, this drink looks like semen.

I just thought you ought to know. It tastes good and fine. It's got a refreshing taste, as the name implies. I'm not sure what guava tastes like, because I had Goya guava juice so long ago, but it seems very watered down by all the milky, half and half-esque stuff in this drink. I'm not sure why they put that in here, actually.

As far as the berry taste goes, it's always a little Twilight Zone when there's supposedly a berry flavor, but nothing to imply berry as far as color goes. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers, especially since this was bought for me. This is a nice drink. There's a chalky residue to it and there's some drink silt at the bottom, but if you're trendy and organic and like to be pumped full of vitamins, don't let the man stop you.


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