Late July Organic Snacks

This is an extremely late post, I believe I was sent these snacks in October, and still have yet to review them. It was rude of me, and hence, my public apology/review. If I forget a product, it's out of my own absent-mindedness, not because I don't want to review it!

So, without further ado, some delicious little cookies.

Late July Organic Snacks is an organic company making snacks that are fun for the whole family and donating to the Jane Goodall foundation, too.

They provided two flavors of cookies for me to try, milk chocolate between endangered animal vanilla cookies and white chocolate between endangered animal chocolate cookies. The endangered animal part is adorable and helpful- on each cookie, there is an endangered animal, like a black footed ferret, red fox or a panda bear.

So, and again, I'm sorry, I tried these a while ago, and don't have my original photos, but I tried them, I ate these for a nice snack in between classes. The milk chocolate flavor was a really authentic, nice taste, with a rich, chocolatey mouthfeel with a slightly salty aftertaste that worked really well, but overpowered the vanilla cookie. The cookie itself struck me as being a little bland, and I'd have liked to see more of a shortbread or intense vanilla taste to it.

As for the white chocolate and chocolate cookie, it was a little deceptive because the white chocolate didn't really remind me of white chocolate so much as just a vanilla-flavored treat, but the chocolate cookie was really hearty, sort of a chocolate plus flavor, and it was nice to have a little more chew to it. It was nice. I liked grabbing a handful of these for a snack on the go or in front of the TV. They were filling and quite tasty, and didn't leave an aftertaste, plus, they're all natural and don't have the artificial colors or preservatives that some snacks do.

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