The Twelve Days of Slurpees: 2 Mountain Dew Thin Ice Freeze Slurpees

For the first time in a very, very long stretch, the kind folks that make Mountain Dew have made a flavor that just vaguely touches on Pitch Black, that ever elusive and ever delicious flavor.

The "thin ice" moniker is just another attempt from Mountain Dew, or rather, MTN DEW, at being edgy and cool and appealing to the awesome kids on the playground who always put rocks in their snowballs, am I right? Anyway, for such an edgy name, this is a really mild and light flavor, something that I might not feel ashamed switching with champagne at a dinner party if I knew nobody would notice.

"What's this?" they'd say, "It has such a queer and subtle undertone of berries, and an almost creamy and refreshing taste!"
"Ah, yes, I'd agree," another might tut, "I hear it's imported from Spain, but the slushy, frozen texture and cool blue color leads me to think it might be Argentinian, perhaps."

And all the while I'd get drunk on champagne.

But this isn't a bad selection for Mountain Dew-related treats. It's pretty mild, so you don't feel like you're casually inhaling corn syrup through a straw while drinking it, but the carbonation gives it a little bite. There's really no taste of Mountain Dew to speak of, just this berry-grape flavor.

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