On the Border, Rocky Hill, CT

I'm home, repenting like the awful food blogger that I am for being tired and less of a robot and not posting yesterday. My mother took me to On the Border for lunch, though, and I was so intrigued by a post that Phoood did on their Loaded Carne Asada tacos that I decided to go for their counterparts, the Loaded Buffalo Chicken tacos.

When we got there, we were presented with these fantastic, amazing, salty, hot from wherever they came from, massive half moon tortilla chips in a basket. And yes, that's my mother's vastly superior camera phone. Having never been to an OTB, this was fucking awesome. With these were two cups of salsa WITH NO CHUNKS OF AWFUL VEGETABLES, as you know, a Foodette pet peeve. There were two cups, presumably, to share, but I did sort of expect different flavors of salsa. The salsa happened to be amazing. It was sweet, spicy, perfectly textured, and really popped in my mouth.

Everything just tasted really fresh, even for an appetizer, and it just beat the lazy Italian bread and butter or the store-bought chips and canned pico one might find at another place. I thought we'd have needed more dips, like guacamole or queso, and they might be fun to try, but honestly, with this and a few drinks, I could have left completely satisfied. Oh, and this basket is always refilled. They encourage it. Sometimes a dish doesn't need to be complicated to be utterly amazing.

I got my tacos without any sides, because I figured that with my chip whoring, they would be enough, and I was right. The tacos are quite large, the base being made of flatbread, then grilled, with grilled chicken in buffalo sauce, crispy onion strings, bleu cheese, and a creamy red chili sauce on top.

The flatbread was nice and thick, but not thick enough to be bland, and a good width to soak up the sauces. It also had a good, crispy char on the outside. The chicken was tender, and I loved the sauce that it was in. The red chili sauce was delicious, but I might not have guessed that it was chili sauce at all. I dipped my leftover chips in it and ended up mixing the salsa in it and pouring that on the taco. Orgasmic. Oh god. I love red sauce of any form, I tell you.

The onion straws were good, but in the second taco, really overpowered the flavor and texture and became too much for me, clumping together and completely taking away the bleu cheese and really minimizing the chicken. The heat saved the day, and they were crispy enough to give a mixture of textures, though.

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