The Twelve Days of Slurpees: 6 Crystal Light Peach Mango Fusion Slurpees

Phew, what a frigging mouthful that was, and I'm not talking about the monster snowball DC winged at my face as we walked into the 'Slevin.

And by snowball, I obviously mean awful joke about age.

Another day, another Slurpee, another Seven-Eleven, and it's all awesome stuff, Foodketeers. Let's get this ball rolling. Here's a sugar-free Crystal Light selection, and it really wasn't awful. If anything, it was addictive. There was a strange, bitter taste to it that I quickly got used to, a strange prickly taste much like eating a real mango, and I got an equal taste of the mango and the peach. Must be the fusion they were talking about. That was lame.

It's not bad. I didn't get any of the creamy texture that I got with the other thirty thousand Slurpees I've had, but a lot more carbonation. When I filled this, it turned into every single third grade science experiment I've ever done and exploded over the top of the cover. It was awesome. Overall, not awful. The acidity made me eat Tums for a few days, but not crappy.

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