Archer Farms Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese

Erik and I made lunch the other day, and I have to apologize for the lack of attention to the blog in the last few days. I've been a little neglectful what with getting my things back to school and spending the remainder of winter break up here, so I'm making up for it with a few stellar posts.

And these photos are not mine, so I'll also be editing these posts with the ones I've taken (I know, can it get any worse?) and replace them as I get them from my phone to the computer. So, onto the mac and cheese. Buffalo macaroni and cheese. It sounds awesome, in in theory. Like communism. Like Jell-O wrestling. Like Jell-O in general, I guess. In practice, though, this was a complete abomination.

Target does make a variety of cheap foods in multiple flavors, though. We saw at least eight or nine flavors of macaroni and cheese for about $2.39, certainly enough to keep the variety going for students on a budget. So we said, what the hell? It took ten minutes to cook, but here was the strange part- it said not to drain the pasta and to just put the mix in and let it simmer. We assumed this meant that there was corn starch or a thickener in the sauce and that it would thicken up and adhere to the noodles, making them look like the noodles on the box.

Wrong. The sauce didn't stick at all, and instead of making what we thought would be cheesy and Frank's buffaloesque, it was just watery and tasted like we'd shaken Tabasco on our noodles. It left all the sauce behind, and whatever traces of bleu cheese that the box had advertised were completely non-existent. After one bite, I was satisfied. With work, this might work. I'd drain it next time, perhaps put it in a casserole with chicken, more hot sauce, and pepper jack cheese on top, but if you follow Target's direction's, you're bound for eating McDonald's later on in the night, like we did.

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