Burger King Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper

Ah, redundancy. Only in America am I going to go to a fast-food establishment, forget where I am mid-order, and then have to repeat the name of said establishment in the middle of the name of the order.

That's why, readers, I'm opposing the name of this by spelling out the full title in this, the Burger King Cheesy Bacon Burger King Wrapper.

Nah, that's just lame.

Anyhow, this has gotten vaguely positive, but for the most part, "eh" sides of the reviews from GrubGrade and The Impulsive Buy, for one, and I wasn't expecting anything different. Personally, I'm not a fan of wraps, raps, or erotic mummification, so when Dillinger suggested we get this as a part of our early morning McGriddle binge, I was on the fence. However, this was a really nice surprise.

We went to order two of these and an order of cheesy tots, when we were informed that they weren't offering them any more. Now, eagle eyed readers will note that just last week, we featured cheesy tots. What gives? Well, inside the burrito thing, we found them. What's the deal, BK? They're inside the wrap, all warm and cuddly, and our BK must really be trying to get rid of them because they were definitely shoved inside. We had at least four or five in our wraps.
Inside, there's the egg rectangle, the standard egg, which was nice and crispy, a feature I hadn't known to be attributed to egg rectangles. I wonder if I ought to worry. There was the bacon, a good amount, it was nice and crispy, but very salty, but for the amount, I wasn't displeased. And then there was cheese...and cheese sauce. And the cheese sauce really made the sandwich. It was tangy and flavorful and added a dimension of taste that brought out the bacon's saltiness, the crisp of the taters, and the flavor of the otherwise bland tortilla shell, which, by the way, kept the entire thing together quite well. Texture-wise, it was a little off. The crispiness of the potato bites was good, the bacon made it better, and if this was toasted...yowza.

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